VOL. 03

November 2022

“The Koolscty Photo x Surf residency was a blast. On one day of the days I challenged the guests to practice shooting in more stressful situations by giving them these smoke sticks that only lasted 3 mins. A burst of creative energy. The results were amazing! Can’t wait to do it all again”

– Leesa, Ireland

“It has been an honor to have been part of this project. I have been able to challenge myself not only from a creative aspect but also on a personal level. Enjoying the journey and meeting people who inspire me to keep growing as a photographer. I feel so grateful and thankful to have shared a weekend with these incredible women. I can’t wait for what’s to come.”

– Elina, Ukraine

“Surfing should be a team sport, everyone needs each other in the water and should also look after each other. If we leave our egos behind and support each other, we can progress and grow together, that’s what this insane weekend with wonderful women taught us. Thank you Kool Society for creating this safe space to share with individual experiences.” 

– Jenny, Germany

Poster residency 3

VOL. 02

MAY 2022

“It was fantastic. As a woman, I struggle to find a safe space in the surfing world where I don’t have to pretend something that I am not. I felt encouraged, they pay attention not just to the technicalities of surf but also to everything else outside the water.” 

– Sara, Poland

“Thoughtful, well-curated, supportive, inspiring and fulfilling. It was a really special experience. The quality of coaching and the diversity of the special guests. The group was so kind, elevated and intentional, the house was stunning, the food was nutritious and delicious and the surf and surf skate instructions were very helpful”

– Nadine, Switzerland

“Loved it all. Not only did I think the coaching was great but the personality of the instructors was excellent. I felt like there was a perfect balance between free time and activities. Easygoing, supportive, mature, peaceful and warm.”

– Amy, USA

VOL. 01

APRIL 2022

The first Koolscty Residency was held in Costa Vicentina, the South West coastline of Portugal. An escapit’s dream to hit pause and delight yourself with A+ surf spots and picturesque roads to skate down.

“I found Koolscty Residency to be an amazing way to deepen my performance, explore new techniques and surf alongside an inspiring and passionate crew.” 

– Sabine, Switzerland

poster residency 1